Junk Removal in the Okanagan

15 Things to Consider when Seeking a Junk Removal Company in the Okanagan

1. What Type of Junk is Being Removed? 2. Are the Company Charges for the Task Competitive? 3. Is the Okanagan BC Junk Removal an Ongoing Process or One Time Deal? 4. Is any Special Equipment Needed? 5. Is a Commercial Company Really Needed?

2Are You Paying More Than You Need for Junk Removal in the Okanagan?

Each Okanagan junk removal provider will charge a specific amount for the services that you have requested, and some will have higher prices than others. Comparing costs can help you ensure that you are not paying more than you need to for this service, but it is important to make sure that you are comparing the same things with each company. If you get a price for 30-gallons from one company but another sets the price for 45-gallons then you may not be able to make an accurate comparison. Calculate how much rubbish removal you actually need and then ask for a price for this amount from several Okanagan junk rubbish removal providers in order to get accurate comparison results.

3Tips to Save Money on Okanagan Garbage Removal

Do not pay more for garbage removal in the Okanagan then you actually need to. Figure out how much garbage your home or business actually creates each week and then pick the service that offers the most reasonable rate for this amount of garbage. If you only make two bags of garbage a week but you are paying to have five or ten bags picked up then you are wasting money, and can easily minimize your garbage pick-up expenditures.


“I'm a stickler for great customer service and boy did I find it here. Our dumpster was delivered right when they said it would be. We had so much to throw out that we ended up having more than anticipated and they were able to exchange the dumpster on the same day! They had the best looking and cleanest trash bins I've ever seen, so I was happy to have them in front of my house.”

-Mary Knight, Okanagan Resident

“The day that the dumpster was supposed to be delivered, the lady at the office called with a window of when it should be there and the driver called when he was on his way. When he got to my house the driver was very nice and asked exactly where I would like the dumpster to be. ”

-Peter Allen, Okanagan Resident

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